Dear First Choice Community Management,

 I am reaching out to you today because we wanted to THANK YOU for your amazing costumer service!! Thank you for your patience and professionalism.  We really appreciate that you get back to us right away on any questions/concerns we have.  Thank you for being so kind and welcoming on our phone conversations.  :)

 Thank you,

__The Dominguez Family

Being in the Real Estate business for 40 years I have worked with many HOA's whereby never have I experienced working with someone as professional, responsive and courteous as you are. Furthermore, we truly appreciate you always taking the time to take our calls and answer any questions we may have, and for the Buyer's Agent as well. You have made this the smoothest transaction with HOA involvement that I have ever experienced.

Thank You So Very Much For Your Time, Efforts, And Hard Work, You Are Truly Appreciated.

__C. Stanford, Real Estate Broker

Michelle Medina is the best. She was extremely helpful and patient when I asked for a quick request. I am grateful that your company has a great Team on board and Michelle is a great example. She’s willing to help and accommodate our customers!

__ R. Marchetti, Loan Officer for US Bank

I want to thank and commend you for your management of the JRLRR for the last several years.  You have always provided answers to any questions or matters of interest that concerned me and my wife, June.  You have been prompt and diligent toward solving any problems that I was inquiring about relative to the property.  I want to wish you and your team the best as you continue to serve the property management needs of property owners here in the high desert.

__ B. Johnson, Homeowner

I have owned my home in the CP Community since 2006, and loved every minute of it. Michelle and Silvia have been fighting for this community for a long time, from trying to keep it looking nice, to families being able to have a nice safe environment to go to. I worked with them while they were on the HOA board and they have always done what is best for the community. As a management company, they are very professional, respectful, and will do their best to work with you an any situation. I thank them for all their hard work and all that they have done for me and my family.

 __ R. Flory, Homeowner

To Whom it may concern,

Since First Choice was involved with JRRVR HOA administration, the services and support improved very much.

  • First Choice employees responded immediately of any issues in a very friendly matter.

  • Issues has been solved efficiently.

  • I am really glad that I called First Choice before I started the process of selling my property in the HOA. I am grateful for the help from the First Choice HOA administration, specially to Michelle.

__ M Specker, Homeowner

I recently had to address some exterior repair on a rental home that we own in our HOA. Never needing to address any problems on our home I was in need of information. I phoned First Choice Community Management, LLC and spoke to Michelle Medina about my list of questions. She was very helpful with explaining what I need to do, help with filling out all the paperwork. In the end our repair project was completed without any problems and was completed in a timely manner due to the professionalism of First Choice’s staff. I would highly recommend this management company to anyone who may be in need of one.

—- J & D Cochran, Homeowners

I want to express my profound appreciation for First Choice Community Management for the excellent care they provide to our community. They are always willing to collaborate with the Board of Directors, providing us with a wealth of knowledge in multiple areas. FCCM has always been honest and willing to put in the extra time that is needed to run the day-to-day workings of our community. Over the last three years of service, FCCM has helped identified areas of improvement, brought these to the attention to the Board of Directors with the necessary information required to allow the Board of Directors to make an informed and precise decisions. FCCM cares about the fiscal well-being of our community. FCCM collaborates with the Board of Directors to find ways that we might save money while providing to the needs of the members of our community and increasing our reserves. I am proud to say with FCCM help, we were able to maintain our association fees at the same level for three years. This was a huge benefit for those individuals that are on a fixed income in our community.  

FCCM management also spends much time talking to members of the community with such patience, answering questions when able and granting requests when applicable. This is apparent when dealing with unruly members or even members of the Board. When questions or request require more direction, FCCM does not hesitate to pick up the phone, getting the instructions they need and dispensing that information where necessary. They remain available after hours when emergencies occur, facilitating needed responses to control the situation. FCCM efficiently coordinates with multiple vendors that we work with quickly relaying information between the Board and our vendors. In closing, I would like to reiterate the great satisfaction I have for knowing FCCM is working with us to make our community a better place to live and look forward to seeing them continue their service to our community for years to come. I would highly recommend FCCM to any HOA that is looking for services of a management company.

— Diede, Past Homeowner / Past Board President

Great people, they treat your HOA like family, they listen, they are smart and they save us money!

P. Cleveland, HOA Board President


Just wanted to write a few words and thank Michelle for her work for our HOA. Every time I call about an issue she is quick to respond and address. I feel so blessed to know that Michelle is watching out for my interest. Thank you Michelle for all your hard work.

N Kassih -Homeowner


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for reaching out and going the extra mile for me.  My problem with my reverse mortgage bank, was a stressful situation, in that they wrote me a letter stating I haven't been paying my HOA fees.  I had sent them a form filled out with the current changes i.e., new management for our HOA here, apparently that change didn't get posted for some reason.  In this recent bank correspondence, they threatened foreclosure if the fees were not paid right away. Needless to say I was very upset. Having lived here 15 years I never missed one payment to the HOA or Master Association.

You were so kind when I spoke with you, and you called the bank and straightened out the entire situation. I am grateful.   

Thanks so very much for your help and kindness.  To have an HOA Management that has my back is a secure feeling.  We are all getting older and your consideration is appreciated.


J Doiron - Homeowner


I am writing you this email to thank you and your management company.

First Choice Community Management is one of many associations that I currently do business with but it is the only association management that I know off that actually helps the community, the tenants and the owners. I sincerely appreciate your good faith help on everything.

We are all on the same team with the same desires for our neighborhood and your association management helps make our neighborhood better.

Thank you,

R Raskin - Homeowner


Just a quick email of gratitude for your assistance regarding my inquiry into the Condos in the HOA.  I appreciate your prompt response and research you did in getting correct legal statues that answered precisely my questions. You went above and beyond and I am grateful for your time.

Best Regards,

G Rohrbacher


This is a quick note to express my appreciation to all the hard work that you do for our HOA. Your personal touch on all issues big or small adds value and expedites resolutions and makes everyone happy. So thank you and keep up the good work.

N kassih - Homeowner


Much Appreciation goes to Michelle Medina, we were in a bind and needed our HOA docs fast, she had no problem accommodating us. No other company has the kind of customer service First Choice has, we are so very thankful to you Michelle and your company for your excellent service!

J Carson, Madison Avenue Escrow


Michelle I can't thank you enough for your prompt attention to the delivery of all the HOA documents we needed for our Buyer to approve. Other Management Companies take up to 10 business days. I am so grateful you were able to turn them around in just 24 hours without any extra charges. Your service is exceptional. Thank you!

A VanSlogteren, Escrow Branch Manager At Route 66 Escrow, Inc.


Dear Michelle Medina and Silvia Ramirez,

I want to thank you both for helping me and Board members. I can only talk for myself, since first elected in 2018 both you Michelle and Silvia provided me information on financial and administrative leadership in governing VLVHA with dignity and respect.

Thank you again,

— R. Mena, Member at Large


Hi Michelle,

I cannot thank you enough for your professional and immediate response to our request. Completing the request while on the phone is beyond exceptional service. Thank you again!

Best regards,

— C Mandel, Mortgage Loan Processor III


Good Afternoon,

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank First Choice for a job well done. They have always exceeded our expectations with our HOA demands. Thank you for doing a great job, and always providing reasonable fees for our Seller’s / Buyer’s during their escrow transaction. Also fast turnaround time for their HOA demands and documents, one of the fastest out there that I have inquired.

It has been a pleasure working with you.

Thank you,

— F Meyer, Escrow Assistant Escrow Junction, Inc.


I really want you to know that I appreciate everything your Association Management has done!

My previous tenants left their trash can out several times, and a couple of times started to let weeds grow. I live 40 miles away, and warned them that if It continued to happen about the weeds that I would raise the rent to cover cost for the Gardener. So glad that your company is on top of it.

I now have a great tenant in there and not one single complaint. We are all Blessed to have you as an Association Management. To have the amenities that we have the Dues are very reasonable, (which I shouldn't say for my own benefit). With what is involved taking care of everything you do including the maintenance for Pool etc., I honestly don't understand how you can stay in business.

May God continue to Bless You! Amen

Thank You,

— D Hicks- Homeowner



I want to let our home association know how thankful I am to have had a home in LVR for the past 13 years.

First, I can to tell you that I am very pleased that we are with First Choice Community Management. Ms. Michelle Medina and Ms. Silvia Ramirez have been wonderful. On several occasions they have given me a personal phone calls. Once, it was because a random realtor had called them regarding my property and my house wasn't even listed. Ms. Ramirez thought it was strange and gave me a call to alert me of this odd call. Another time it was because our escrow company had called them and she was concerned for me. Just recently Ms. Medina called me regarding our new escrow company. She called me to verify. I am so thankful to have these smart and caring ladies managing our association. Thank you for choosing them.

Second, I want to tell you that I really love the LVR sign monument. It makes this place look "higher quality". I noticed that green benches were replaced with sturdier and better quality benches at the park.

Lastly, my family really enjoyed summer events held by First Choice Community Management team. Live band and lunch were really good ideas.

Thank you very much,

— C Han - Homeowner


To the team at First Choice Community Management:

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all you have done to improve the HOA in LVR. I also would like to commend the Board Members that made the decision to hire you. Since you have come on board there has been a vast improvement compared the prior Management (Euclid Management). I was regularly disappointed with Euclid. They were difficult to reach and difficult to communicate with. They were what I like to call a "Can't Do" organization. First Choice represents the exact opposite. Phone calls are answered, answered without mechanical attendant and without being placed on hold. I always find a caring attentive listener on the other end of the line with a "Can Do" attitude. Emails are responded to in an expedient manner. The information I receive from First Choice is clearly presented in an understandable manner.

I also appreciate the efficient and economical electronic billing; things that Euclid did not provide. The billing is always accurate and timely.

Thank you very much,

— J Tomlin - Homeowner


Just wanted you both to know how much I appreciated all you did for me and my HOA. I know how hard you had to work, how much bs you had to put up with and how disrespectful some of our owners and tenants were to you.

I started as your biggest advocate and remain so today. For the most part, most of old and new board members know that we could not have made the progress we have made without your guidance and management. Please know you are both loved as friends as I move on.......

— P. Cleveland, Former HOA Board President



You have done a great job in keep our Cypress Point community in the great place! As a homeowner in the community, we salute to your delicate work and your determination in keeping our community a great place to live and enjoy. We appreciate your awesome jobs! You deserve more than the kind words! Your works are appreciated! As a home owner of a property, Once again, thank you for your hard work! Salute to all your hard works for maintaining the Cyress Pointe community in such a great place to enjoy our families! Salute!

Thank you and thankful for all you have done to the Community!

— R Guo - Property Owner


To whom it may concern,

I have lived here in the community for five years now and my husband and I have decided to move out of the community for a large single story home (unfortunately our community doesn't offer the size we are looking for ☹️). Over the past two years since First Choice Community Management has been handling our HOA we have been very happy with the recent changes in the community. We have had two "community summer days" at our park where we have had food, live music, and greetings with neighbors in our community. In addition to that, we have had a lot of new up grades to our pool area and new signage that makes us look very welcoming as our family and friends enter here. Prior to the last two years of First Choice Community taking over, we had no positive movement into our community that added value and or desire to use the space that we had for our families. We believe that you have made that positive change and impact for local people to want to continue to buy in our community without the HOA going up since 1999 when these houses were first build. Although we are sad to leave here, we pray and hope that more great changes comes to this community. We have great friends who still occupy this area and want to see them still enjoy what good movement you guys have ahead for them and this community!!!! Thank you for all that you have done. You won't satisfy everyone, but know that if you keep good families in mind who are raising their children in a safe and fun area for them to be raised...... you are doing your job to the fullest. Take care.

—T Delay, Property Owner


Dear Michelle,

It was nice talking to you Michelle, Thank you so much for reminding me regarding what going on at my house for weeds, trash bin etc...etc...

you know exactly what need to be done and you always give me an update, you have amazing work ethic and I really appreciate it, and I am so lucky to have you there. Thanks again Michelle.

— P. Budiman, Property Owner


I just wanted to take a minute to Thank You for getting the HOA documents to me so quickly. It’s a pleasure working with a management company that doesn’t drag their feet. I really appreciated all your hard work.

— C. Silva w/ First Haven Escrow


I want to say how impressed I am with Michelle and Sylvia from First Choice Community Management the women very professional and knowledgeable. They have worked very hard to get our HOA up and running you two deserve a great big "Thank You"! You have given us so much help and knowledge. You are going to be a wonderful change to our community. Great community support. Very positive attitude!!

— T. Kerr, Property Owner


We have lived in our community for going on 2 years now and since First Choice has been our community management group we have seen nothing but positive and great changes! I couldn't be happier!

— B . Quick, Resident in HOA


I am writing this testimony to say how pleased I am with the improvements in our neighborhood. This is the first time, in my 10-1/2 years of residency, that I am seeing positive changes / upgrades within our area. Our new HOA Management is showing our community that our fees are genuinely being used in an appropriate manner. As a homeowner, I am looking forward to added landscape etc. that will add beauty and value to our neighborhood.

— C. Santee, Property Owner


I would allow Michelle to manage any of my properties. She is so organized and helpful. A++++

— N. Schardein, Property Owner


My husband Bill & I have lived in the ORE Community since April 2001. We have had many management companies handle the HOA but none compare to First Choice Community Management, LLC.

First Choice Community Management, LLC from the start has our community's interest first. First Choice Community Management has rectified many errors that our previous management company had neglected to perform.

For the first time in a long time we finally feel the money we spend each month for our HOA dues is money well spent.

THANK YOU!!!! First Choice Community Management, LLC. I will recommend your company to anyone who is in need of an HOA Management Co.

Warmest Regards,

— T. Long, Owner Since 2001


As a owner of the property in Cypress Pointe Homeowners Association, I would like to thank you & your staff for being on the top of every situation & sending the emails to us to be aware & up to date of any news, changes & improvements to create a better & safer area to live.

I am very happy to have a such a member to take care of the Association & the involvement.

Keep up the good works....


— A. Amirian, Property Owner


I have to say that my experience with your company was GREAT! We got fast response and excellent service. Wish all HOA company worked like your company. I am looking forward to working with you again in the future. Again, thank you for your great service.

— Y Martinez of Majesty One Escrow


As a relief officer filling in for someone on vacation, you sometimes run across things that are missed. In this case it was the HOA package. I contacted Michelle at First Choice, begging for help. Not only did she help and we closed the file right on time, she did it with excellent customer service! So many times the management companies are not willing to bend and help, so it was really refreshing to have someone who wanted to help! Thank you, Michelle, again, for the amazing job you did for us!”

— D Chapparo of Chicago Title & Escrow


I am a resident at VLVH since year 2008. I have the pleasure to speak to Michelle at First Choice Community Management on a couple of occasion via telephone. Michelle has been very helpful. I want to say thank you for the great service. She was very professional in addressing my questions to my satisfaction. I also appreciate the changes that have been made to the community; such as security check at the pool during summer time, improvement to the community entrance and well maintained community. As a resident, I enjoy and feel safe to raise my family at this community.

I sincerely thank you for all your hard work and continue on improving our community.


— L. Lee, Property Owner


Thank you for the wonderful Community Event where we enjoyed a great lunch and more importantly, time with our neighbors. We really enjoyed ourselves. I certainly hope this will be the beginning of many more community events in the future. Thank you for all the hard work and effort that went into putting this event together. You did a fabulous job and we appreciate it!

— G & H Lewis, Property Owners


I just want to give a shout out and a BIG THANK YOU to Silvia Ramirez andMichelle Medina for the October HOA NEWS LETTER! That is a nicely done newsletter! Much appreciated!!!

... Thanks soooo much for ALLLL you girls do for us!!!

— K. Kelly, Property Owner


First Choice has been a blessing to our HOA, they have worked so hard getting our HOA back on track. So happy to have them on board as our Management team.

— M. Tracy Board President


This is a thank you for all your help resolving the HOA issues from the previous HOA agency. My daughter and I are grateful to you and your company for first listening to us about our concerns. But more than anything we thank you for taking the time to research and take our concerns to the Board. We know that without all your help (even though I know you were overwhelmed by many issues) we would still be trying to resolve this. I sincerely hope that the community realizes what it has in the new management company. Thank you again for the expertise and concern.

— E. Rogers, Property Owner


I wanted to write a letter of praise and thanks to First Choice Community management as the new HOA Management service for VVLV HOA. I purchased my home in 2008 and paid some hefty fees and dues. I also had automatic with drawl set up with the past management and was paying the dues every month and the past management placed a lien on my home. Come to find out the delinquent dues owed belonged to the previous owner and the past management had never bothered to set up and account for me as the new owner, nor had they given me credit for the dues that were taken out of the escrow purchase. The past management listened and finally figured out with my help and credited my account so I thought we were done. Now to current times I am selling my home and to my surprise, when a title search was done on the property there was a lien filed by the past management for non-payment of dues. It was filed in 2009 and I bought the home in 11/2008. Frantically I called First Choice Community Management our new management to find out what was going on. I got hold of Michelle who absolutely did the best job ever going thru boxes of records they had received to check this all out for me and the HOA. I could not have asked for more effort on anyone's part. She kept the Escrow Company, Title Company and me as well up to date on what she was doing. She even called one evening at 7PM because she was still working! Michelle was able to determine that this was another error on the past management part and had it removed.

My experience with First Choice Community Management is A-1 and I thought you should know about it.

— J. McCartney, Property Owner


Michelle Medina was a great help. I can't believe how quickly she got out my HOA documents and the owner wasn't gouged! The fees were very reasonable.

— J. Myers, Western Resources Title


We are owners of a property on Desert Star in Victorville and we would like to Thank First Choice Community Management, LLC for helping our family resolve our long dragging issues with Cypress Pointe HOA. We could not be more happy with this awesome Management Team! Silvia Ramirez and Michelle Medina are our Saviors! We have felt at ease ever since they took over as Management and seem to always be available no matter what the call or visit to their office is regarding. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do with our property and the community. Cypress Pointe Community HOA have finally found the team that get results and actually cares and resolves whatever issue you are having with your property.

— M. Martinez, Property Owner


I just want to you know I'm very pleased with your services; you've been keeping me updated regarding all my HOA request.

Keep up the good work!

Best regards,

— D. Brito, Property Owner


Michelle Medina was very helpful and always on top of transaction. Great to work with.

— N Alvarez, Fidelity National Title Escrow Division


Michelle Medina was of great help. Very informational and nice. It was a pleasure working with her today! :)

— Wedgewood Inc. B Santos HOA Coordinator


First Choice Community Management is a great asset to SSE HOA. Michelle and Sylvia are very knowledgeable about the law and have helped our HOA navigate through complex issues which we never could have resolved on our own. They treat all of our members with professionalism and respect and have got to know several residents of our community on a personal level. First Choice communicates with the Board of Directors regularly and keeps us updated and informed of all Association matters. Their attention to every detail of HOA management has helped make our community a better place to live. Michelle and Sylvia truly care about our community as if it were their own. We highly recommend First Choice Community Management to any homeowners association.

— J. Gee, Board Vice President


I have personally worked with Silvia Ramirez and Michelle Medina for many years in their work on the management of the Cypress Pointe Homeowners Association in Victorville. Silvia and Michelle are extraordinarily conscientious and diligent in their work on this community. There are numerous incidences where their work ethic and persistent tenacity towards resolving problems has resulted in significant financial and management advantages to the residents of the community and the Association.

* They were instrumental in correcting accounting problems caused by previous poor management.

* They resolved issues with legal counsel representation and billing with significant financial improvement to the Association's balance sheet.

* They intervened with City officials to resolve and correct some problem situations in the community.

* They have diligently worked to maintain the aesthetic and functional quality of the community during the 2008-2012 recession.

* They have reduced delinquent accounts by over 80% in the last two years, resolving over a hundred cases.

* They are exceptionally well organized resulting in fast response times and fewer incidences of mistakes than I have experienced with other management companies.

Silvia and Michelle would be an asset to your community. They care about their work and the quality of life of the residents of the communities they manage. I strongly endorse them.

— Somis Investments, Inc. E. Taylor, Board President


Since First Choice community management started with Cypress Pointe in Victorville, our community has become safer, people are more involved, and we are a stronger community. Silvia Ramirez and Michelle Medina have done an excellent job.

They are professional and always willing to help solve any problems that arise. Our HOA couldn't ask for better service.

Their website mission statement says it all, "...our mission is to bring families a sense of community, safety, and pride of ownership by working with associations to reach their community goals." And that's exactly what they've delivered to Cypress Pointe.

I highly recomment First Choice Community Management to anyone needing a competent, trust-worthy property management company.

— P. Ervin Cypress Pointe HOA Board Member


Michelle and Sylvia,

I wanted to take this time to thank you for your professionalism. As a contractor it's not often that you find an HOA management company that is decisive and knows exactly what it is they're looking for. Since the beginning of our professional relationship, the two of you have proven to be aware of many aspects which pertain to the projects in which you require. This is highly commendable and appreciated from a contractors point of view. I also wanted to thank you for being patient during the project process, as sometimes things don't always go exactly according to plans. Being stern yet understanding is another quality in which the two of you and your management company possess. Not to mention swift payment upon completion. It has been a pleasure working with both of you, and I look forward to any future projects which may arise.

Thank You,



I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Victorville Cypress Pointe HOA, First Choice Community Management, especially Michelle and Silvia.

During some rough times that my family and I had to endure, they were very understanding and helpful. I have received much needed support from them I will always be grateful.

Thank you again.

— O. Godinez, Property Owner


We have lived in the Cypress Pointe Community since December of 2010. During our time here we have gone through at least 3 different HOA management companies and they have all failed in there own ways. Now we have an awesome company as our HOA management team and have fixed nearly all the issues that the others have either caused or did not deal with. Michelle Medina and Silvia Ramirez at First Choice Community Management have dedicated there time to make our community what it is today.

I would recommend First Choice Community Management to every HOA. They treat everyone professionally and with the respect they deserve.

— S Rector & K Rector, Property Owner


I would like to say it is a pleasure to work with First Choice Community Management. I manage a property within the Cypress Pointe association. Anytime I come into contact with First Choice the representatives are friendly, helpful and are eagerly willing to work with me. Keep up the good work and I look forward to working with you again.

— Mark Parmenter, Property Manager


Kind Words of Recommendation

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Mrs. Ramirez and Mrs. Medina first hand. What I can appreciate the most is there dedication to the community as board members. Always looking out for the home owner and the best for the community. They have definitely gone above and beyond with there ability to be dedicated to not only the community but making it a very pleasurable experience for us as home owners. They are very professional, hard working, positive, and committed! Thank you for your hard work.

— The Bilickes


As a owner of Lopez Landscape, I was introduced to Michelle Medina and Silvia Ramirez in May of 2011, and began working with them professionally in July of 2011. Michelle and Silvia were leaders of the Home Owners Association Board at the Cypress Pointe community in Victorville.

As leaders of the board they have kept in close contact with me regarding our responsibilities in their community. I have seen their hands on approach to making their community a better place.

On many occasions they have had to step in when the management companies were clearly not doing their job. They have had to research and hire vendors to take care of the tasks needed in the community, as well as supervise them to make sure the jobs were done correctly.

Over the last few years, they have gained a wealth of knowledge on how to manage communities by their own personal experiences, having to step in when other management companies failed. I am excited to hear they have decided to start their own management company, and have faith in their abilities to do so.

— Tammy Lopez


This is a letter of reference for Michelle Medina and Sylvia Ramirez in relation to their work in the Cypress Pointe community in Victorville. Their hard work and diligence has taken the neighborhood from good to great. They actively resolve issues for their residents and work cooperatively with the city of Victorville on common problems.

One problem in particular that showed their professionalism was when they had a water leak in the park. The leak not only caused significant damage to some landscaping but used a tremendous amount of water. They arranged to have the leak repaired and the damaged landscaping replaced. But most impressive was their responses to other residents regarding the water bill. They explained the maintenance was the HOA's responsibility, not the city's, and therefore the HOA was responsible for the water cost. Most people in similar situations expect or demand the city to eat the cost of the water. They were able to correctly explain that the burden should not fall to the rest of the water ratepayers but was solely their responsibility.

Their work in the neighborhood and their professional attitude in regard to the affairs of the HOA make them excellent candidates to take over the actual management of the HOA. I'm certain that in the future, their combined expertise would be of benefit to other HOAs as well. Their community is a model for the effective operation of a HOA, one which I have referred to in other neighborhoods looking to improve their quality of life.

— Douglas Robertson, City Manager


We would like to recommend Michelle Medina and Silvia Ramirez to be the property management of Cypress Pointe Community because of their dedication to the beautification and betterment of this community. This community has struggled under the countless property management companies that have done nothing to better this community but take our money. They have turned a blind-eye to enforcing the simple rules and regulations in place to make this community a great community, while Michelle and Silvia continually try to assists the homeowners again and again due to the fact that the other property management does nothing. Michelle and Silvia have been instrumental is getting the Neighborhood Watch started, keeping the homeowners informed, desperately trying to remove the vagrants and allow families that truly want to not just live here, but enjoy our community as well. We have community events that everyone enjoys, we look-out for each other and it is in large part due to the continual hard work of Michelle and Silvia.

We have lived here for over 5 years and have yet to see anyone work harder than Michelle and Silvia for the betterment of this community.

— The Harts


We need a management company close to us, working with us, and looking around for almost 24 hours, but this is something we're missing, so we are having many problems here because the management companies have never done their job.

Our HOA Board Members are doing an excellent job, Mrs. Michelle Medina and Mrs. Silvia Ramirez. They are working all the time throughout the neighborhood, doing all the jobs, fixing many things, helping out with many deliquent problems, talking with us about security, and even fixing the security cameras. The only people you always see working are Michelle Medina and Silvia Ramirez; they are responsible, respectful, and courteous people. They are doing too much for this community, working hard for us, and keeping this neighborhood safe so we feel safe.

— M. Smith


It is my great pleasure to recommend Michelle Medina and Silvia Ramirez for appointment as Managers of the Cypress Pointe Home Owners Association (HOA). Michelle and Silvia both have been a HOA Board Members for quite some time now and they both have done a great job helping me and fellow Cypress Pointe home owners resolving matters dealing with accounts and disputes.

They go above and beyond the norm in providing help and making sure billing issues and other problems are resolved. For example, I was repeatedly billed multiple charges by the previous HOA management company even after I promptly took care of the disputed matter.

This is when I solicited Michelle and Silvia's assistance. With their help they got matters resolved and both were very instrumental in resolving my billing issues.

They kept me informed every step of the way. Even on weekends, they were doing follow ups by phones or email. Their ability to work with others and following through speaks volumes about their commitment as a HOA Board Member.

— A. David


It is with great confidence that I write this letter as a recommendation of Michelle Medina and Silvia Ramirez the candidate for the position of property management of Cypress Pointe Community. In their position as board members they have done an excellent job as liaisons between the previous and current management companies to resolve and clarify issues for us, residents. They have been an undeniable asset to our community which would continue in the capacity of management.

They have always been willing to offer their assistance and continues to have an excellent rapport with many of the residents that they would serve. They have organized community events, keep us abreast of important news, managed to help direct us to the appropriate agencies in times of crisis (the big power surge of 2014) and the list goes on.

In three years of living in Victorville and showing rental property in and other surrounding areas I can say without question that they have done an excellent job of making Cypress Pointe a community where we are all proud to call home.

— S. McKenzie